Surf Lessons & Packages COMING SOON!

Surf Lessons coming soon to Coastline Kitesurfing! Coastline Kitesurfing, will soon introduce authentic surf lessons in Cape Town to their already adventurous guests! In summer, Cape Town and in particular Bloubergstrand, have some of the most amazingly consistent trade winds in South Africa. However there are days even in Cape Town without wind. Currently on […]

Fun things to do in Cape Town today – Free Guide Book

Are you looking for fun things to do in Cape Town today? Well look no further, the team and I have brainstormed and we have put together a list of the most unique, adventurous and fun things to do in Cape Town today! Let’s get started. 1. Kitesurfing Lessons in Cape Town, Bloubergstrand.   If it’s […]

Interesting facts on kitesurfing

So exactly how many kitesurfers are there worldwide? Well, unfortunately kitesurfing statistics are still not so well documented, even in 2017! However, thanks to one awesome study  conducted on the subject in 2011 only 20+ years after the sport came into existence, we have some accurate data to share with you! How many kitesurfers are […]

Learn kitesurfing in the most beautiful city in South Africa!

Take Kitesurfing Lessons With Your Friends In Cape Town! Learn to kitesurf surrounded by the most beautiful city in the world that never sleeps. The wind is up and summer is here in Cape Town, the perfect time to contact Coastline Kitesurfing and book your lessons for an adventure filled holiday!  Cape Town City is […]

What a grand season it has been for Coastline Kitesurfing!

2017 began with a remarkable Bang for Coastline Kitesurfing! Coastline Kitesurfing’s, second season kicked off mid October 2016, and wow what an epic season it has been! Students came from all around the world just to learn kitesurfing this year in Cape Town, South Africa. Fact Files Student origins: USA, South Africa, UK,  Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, United Arab […]

Are ready to get into the harness for the ride of your life?

Clear your schedule and get into the saddle for the ride of a lifetime with kitesurfing lessons at Cape Town. Any kitesurfer will tell you that when the stress of a fast-paced world gets too much the best feeling in the world is when they swap their suit for a wetsuit and head out for […]

5 Fun Things to do in Bloubergstrand

#1 Kitesurfing lessons, Cape Town Taking kitesurfing lessons in Blouberg is hugely popular during the summer months of Cape Town, from November – April. Coastline Kitesurfing™ is a kitesurfing school located at 11 Spray road, Blouberg. This kitesurfing school offers beginner – advanced lessons ranging from various options of 1 – 4 day courses. Coastline kitesurfing training school is […]

Where is the best location to learn kitesurfing in Cape Town?

Should you take your kitesurfing lessons in Bloubergstrand or Langebaan lagoon? Once upon a time we were all students of kitesurfing… When running a kitesurfing school, one of the most important things to do on a regular basis and to keep in mind, is putting yourself in your students shoes. In our experience, a few of […]

Taking kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town.

The 6 steps to taking kitesurfing lessons In my humble opinion…taking kitesurfing lessons will be one of the best decisions you make in your entire life. Sure but why, is what some of you (who don’t know how EPIC kitesurfing is) may be thinking… I suppose the best way to elaborate on my opinion, would be to guide you step-by-step […]

A guide to choosing the right kitesurfing equipment, for beginners.

Choosing the right kitesurfing equipment. How do you accurately choose the correct size board and kite for your kitesurfing session? To begin with, you have to choose the correct size board and kite that fits your weight, height and experience level. Kitesurfing is an exhilarating sport, but you need to respect some basic safety procedures […]