Interesting facts on kitesurfing

So exactly how many kitesurfers are there worldwide?

Well, unfortunately kitesurfing statistics are still not so well documented, even in 2017! However, thanks to one awesome study  conducted on the subject in 2011 only 20+ years after the sport came into existence, we have some accurate data to share with you!

How many kitesurfers are there worldwide?

lots of kitesurfers kitesurfing at the same time

Well, the answer is approximately 1.5 million. Today in 2017 this number can be expected to have drastically risen!

How many kites are sold worldwide every year?

lots of kites on blouberg beach

Around 180 000 kites are sold worldwide every year. I am sure Robby Naish & Pete Cabrinha are happy with this number. A global market estimated at around $250 million annually.


Who is the most famous kitersurfer?

richard branson kitesurfing

I am quite certain the answer to this question is fairly debatable. So we will leave it up to you to decide. To help you, we have listed 3 well known people that have been seen kitesurfing!

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio (Famous Actor)
  2. Barack Obama (Ex president of the USA)
  3. Richard Branson (Self made billionaire)

If you can think of anyone more famous, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Is kitesurfing ever going to be in the olympics?

Well interestingly enough, in May 2012 the race course style of kitesurfing was announced to replace windsurfing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, in November 2012 after a vote by the General Assembly of ISAF, windsurfing was reinstated for both men and women. Over taking kitesurfing for the Rio Olympics.

But all hope is not lost for kitesurfing. An ISAF meeting in May 2013 proposed seeking an eleventh medal to include kitesurfing in the 2020 Olympics!


What is the highest jump ever recorded in kitesurfing?

really high kitesurfing jump

The previous world record was smashed by Nick Jacobson. On February 19, 2017 he jumped a mind-blowing height of 28.6m! To do this, he rode in 40+ knots at the world renowned kitesurfing spot; Cape Town, South Africa.


What is the most popular/extreme kitesurfing competition in the world?

red bull king of the air

That would be The Red Bull King Of The Air. The event is hosted in Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. The actual date for this event fluctuates, however it’s generally held between January & February. The actual point of the event is to see who can jump the highest and most extreme This brings pro kitesurfers from all around the world to compete against each in the most extreme way possible. View the last Red Bull King Of The Air 2017 highlights here.

Has the sport of kitesurfing inspired a new form of clean energy transportation?

clean energy with kitesurfing

The answer is yes, it actually has. Sky Sails is the first world recognized company that actually uses giant kites, to tow ships! Yes that’s right, ships! Here is an excerpt from their website. “SkySails is the market and technology leader in the field of automated towing kite systems and the first company in the world that has succeeded in developing kite technology into an industrial application. The company’s’ business splits into four segments all centered around its’ core technology.”

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P.s Richard Branson personally blogs about his views/experiences on kitesurfing, if you are interested in reading some of his stuff, you can click here.


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