Are ready to get into the harness for the ride of your life?

Clear your schedule and get into the saddle for the ride of a lifetime with kitesurfing lessons at Cape Town.

Any kitesurfer will tell you that when the stress of a fast-paced world gets too much the best feeling in the world is when they swap their suit for a wetsuit and head out for the freedom of the ocean and wind.

Coastline Kitesurfing offers the opportunity for absolutely everyone to learn to kitesurf safely with our results-oriented kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town, getting you up and going confidently in very little time.
With courses that run from between 1 to 4 days, the three day course being the most popular, you will be able to learn the basics that are absolutely necessary before gaining the knowledge and confidence to take to the water on your own.

This is an affordable investment that will last the rest of your lifetime, and as long as there is a body of water nearby, you will keep getting returns on these first kitesurfing lessons for a long time to come.
We believe that learning to kitesurf should not only be affordable but that it should be fun and filled with a sense of adventure.

The instructors at Coastline Kitesurfing are all IKO registered, which means that they are able to instruct anywhere in the world, and each of them are also professional kitesurfers in their own right who love what they do.

The kitesurfing lessons offered by Coastline Kitesurfing are designed to be as easy and fun as possible as well as allowing you to learn at your own pace, and with our methods your adventure will begin sooner than you think.
From day one on any of our kitesurfing lessons you will know that you have turned the key to open the door into a whole new world, one where you will be able to safely judge the perfect kitesurfing conditions by learning to read the wind and the moods of the ocean.
If you are ready to get into the harness for the ride of your life then please visit our website to view the various lessons for different levels of kitesurfing we offer and clear your schedule!

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