What a grand season it has been for Coastline Kitesurfing!

2017 began with a remarkable Bang for Coastline Kitesurfing!

Coastline Kitesurfing’s, second season kicked off mid October 2016, and wow what an epic season it has been!

Students came from all around the world just to learn kitesurfing this year in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fact Files

  • Student origins: USA, South Africa, UK,  Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates.
  • Youngest student taught: 11 years old.
  • Oldest student taught: 65 years old.
  • Top 2 student professions: Airline pilot for Emirates & famous Actor from China.
  • Most booked course: 3 Day Group course.
  • Top locations taught at:  Blouberg & Langebaan
  • Average wind speed taught in: 18 – 26 knots
  • Average sea temperature taught in: 16 degrees C.

Take a look at some of our photos from 2017.

Julian giving a level 2 body drag lesson in Blouberg.

kitesurfing lessons Cape Town

Soko teaching a level 1 intro course in Blouberg.

lessons in cape town

Chris and his students after a full day in Langebaan.

kitesurfing lessons langebaan

Karas leading new students to Blouberg beach to complete their kitesurfing lessons.

New students walking to blouberg to start their kitesurf lesson

Chris helping Tina with her attempt at a board start in Langebaan lagoon.

kitesurfing lessons cape town

Take a look at what some of our students have said about us this season.

Oliver Lutte

“We had a 4 lesson course with Coastline Kitesurfing and have to say the whole team was absolutely excellent. Rosa was always in constant communication with us to let us know if the conditions were suitable and was very accommodating if we had any preferences. Michael (instructor) was extremely good and very experienced. He showed great patience and went the extra mile in making sure we had the best experience. I can’t thank them enough for making our kitesurfing in cape town a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of kitesurfing in the area. Thank you”

Ozzi Ballim

“Very professional service with a Team that will go out of their way to ensure you have fun and learn all there is to know about the sport! Thanks for making it a remarkable experience.”

Mike Willems

“Great experience with Coastline Kitesurfing! We did a 4-day course with them. They stand out in all aspects. Great costumer service, the best equipment and highly skilled instructors. Also communications over whatsapp with Rose was great. She was keeping us updated on wind conditions and always very willing to accommodate to fit our busy holiday schedule. Thanks guys!”

Agnes Przystupa

“Wicked, absolutely amazing, one in a lifetime experience! 🙂 Fantastic school, superb fun, professional crew, great equipment and friendly vibes! Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience in Cape Town. I recommend wholeheartedly Chris Burton, travelled around the world, extensive experience and a beautiful person to be around :)”

Let me take a moment to introduce the team to you all.

Michal “Karas”

kitesurfing team

“The energetic/positive one”

Karas has brought his energy all across the ocean from Poland, his outstanding people skills and positivity have most certainly kept the team + all his students entertained this season.

Michal “Soko”

Soko Coastline Kitesurfing instructor

“The kind one”

In Soko’s hands you are always taken care of, his kind & calm mentality has shon out in his lessons. Always ready to lend a helping hand to get you where you need to be.

Christian “Chris”

Our kitesurfing instructor

“The creative one”

A photographer, musician & an experienced traveller, Chris brings the soul to Coastline Kitesurfing, in fact without him many of these memories would not of been captured.

Julian “Jul”

Julian kite instrcutor

“The spontaneous one”

Also the youngest team member at Coastline, one day you’ll catch Jul on the water the next day you’ll catch him renting a Harley Davidson! All the way from Holland and certainly enjoying his stay in Cape Town.

Rosa “Rosemary”

“The school manager”

The organiser, the planner, the communicator and the boss of us all. What can i say, without Rosa none of this would be possible, her exceptional communication skills and memory is beyond me, she remembers every single student we’ve had and is always ready to attend to everyone of our students needs.

All in all, this season has been a huge success and i’d like to thank EVERYONE who has made this possible, well done team, until next season!

To all our students, Coastline wishes you only success with your kitesurfing adventures and if at anytime you’d like to ride with us… you know where to find us!

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