Our Kitesurfing Lessons And Prices

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  • Save R

    Pay Per Day (3.5 Hours)

    3.5 hours


    R 1100 | € 65 per person (Level N/A)


    R 2400 | € 145 per person (Level N/A)

    • 3.5 Hours Per Day
    • Pay As You Progress
    • Learn In Your Own Time
    • Convenient For The Spontaneous One!
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  • Save R200

    2 Day Discovery Course

    7 hours


    R 1950 | € 118 per person (Level 1, 2+)


    R 4300 | € 260 per person (Level 1, 2, 3)

    • Get In The Water
    • Short Course
    • Learn The Basics
    • After This Course You Feel - 67% Comfortable
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  • Save R850

    5 Day Independent Course

    17.5 hours


    R 4050 | € 245 per person (Level 1, 2, 3, 4+)


    R 9550 | € 578 per person (Level 1, 2, 3, 4++)

    • Experience Ultimate freedom
    • Master Course
    • Become 100% Independent
    • After this course you feel - 100% comfortable
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  • Save R

    Power Kite Course (1 Hour)

    1 hours


    R 350 | € 22 per person (Level 1)


    R 700 | € 44 per person (Level 1+)

    • Fun Beach Activity
    • Suitable For All Ages
    • Harness the power of Nature
    • After this course - You Want More!
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Our kitesurfing lessons take place in Cape Town & Langebaan

Our kitesurfing lessons take place in both Cape Town & Langebaan, to benefit most from both conditions. Cape Town for it’s consistent wind and quieter beaches & Langebaan for its shallow/flat water lagoon…Perfect for learning how to ride the board!

Lesson Locations

(Level 1A – 1E) Beginner lessons, (Land-based lesson)

Always takes place in Cape Town, Blouberg.

(Level 2F – 2L) Body drag lessons, (Land & Water-based lesson)

Will take place in Langebaan.

(Level 3J – 3N) Board riding lessons, (Water-based lesson)

Will take place in Langebaan.

Cape Town

Cape Town, Bloubergstrand has a long white sand beach on the Atlantic Ocean, perfect for land based kitesurfing lessons. The beach is immensely popular with both kitesurfers and windsurfers, due to its consistent trade winds. The famous trade winds that kitesurfers love have been famously named, “The Cape Doctor”.


The white sand beaches surrounding the crystal clear waters of the Langebaan Lagoon are one of the main attractions of Langebaan. The mild climate and protected waters of the lagoon make Langebaan perfect for kitesurfing lessons, also the small town offers numerous holiday facilities for water sport enthusiasts.


Daily Courses and Lessons:

We offer the following lessons daily whenever the wind blows!

3.5 hour kitesurfing lessons (Pay per day)

7 hour kitesurfing lessons (2 day discovery course)

10.5 hour kitesurfing lessons (3 day intermediate course)

17.5 hour kitesurfing lessons (5 day independent course)

Guided downwind board riding lessons


All Our Lessons Include:

Certified IKO instructors

Options to choose between group, semi-private or private lessons.

The latest kitesurfing equipment.

IKO certification at the end of your lessons.



Gear Discount Voucher

We understand that after your kitesurfing lessons you’d probably like to buy some gear so you can go kitesurfing on your own! With this in mind we will organize you a complimentary 10% & 5% discount voucher. You can use these vouchers to buy any gear in our shop.


Getting IKO Certified in Cape Town & Langebaan

Remember once you have completed your lessons with an IKO certified Coastline Kitesurfing instructor you will become IKO certified and will receive your membership card by the end of your course. This card allows you to rent gear anywhere in the world and will be paramount if you don’t want to travel with all you kitesurfing gear and would prefer renting in different countries.

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