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Kitesurfing Lessons in Cape Town, South Africa.

As a passionate, results-orientated kitesurfing school, we strive to provide you with the most safe & informative kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town.

Our main aim is to guide you through the step-by-step process of becoming a confident & independent kitesurfer!

Our kitesurfing lessons take place on the famous Blouberg & Muizenberg Beach.

JD Bothma
JD Bothma
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Laurent and the other instructors were really helpful. They accommodated our schedule and let us know when the conditions were good. They picked the times that would be best for us to make progress, rather than just going out in frustrating conditions. They also provided excellent advice for our search for our own gear...
Marco Boffa Hjorth
Marco Boffa Hjorth
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Had a very good experience with Coastline Kitesurfing! The atmosphere was good from the beginning, and the crew was very welcoming. Students and instructors got along from the first second, and we all enjoyed the five day course. The instructors were patient with every "student", which gave people the space to try and fail...
Radostina Abadzhimarinova
Radostina Abadzhimarinova
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I would highly recommend Coastline to anyone who wants to learn to kitesurf - no matter if you’re a complete beginner or have some experience and would like to improve! I got the five day private course - communication was impeccable, the guys were super friendly and my overall experience was amazing!..
Franz Privat
Franz Privat
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Highly recommended, super staff, top equipment, I had a lot of fun ! The instructors are super helpful and Laurent is always monitoring the conditions. So be ready when the wind comes up. All in all top experience and top communication...
Mimi Todorov
Mimi Todorov
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The instructors were super friendly and patient, shout out to Jack, Laurent and Sage. They made sure that our safety came first and that we felt comfortable with the kite. I would definitely recommend Coastline if your looking to get into kitesurfing 🙂
Rene Cloete
Rene Cloete
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I would definitely recommend them. Had a great time learning everything and the instructors were always friendly and patient. I also loved that with my last class instructor Heinrich didn't push me do something I was not 100% comfortable yet. Safety first! But overall it was a great experience and I totally regret not doing it earlier

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Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons

Get A Taste

(3 Hours)
R 1700
  • Pay As You Progress
  • In Your Own Time
  • On The Go

Get Hooked

2 - 3 Day Course (6 Hrs)
R 3300
  • Get In The Water
  • Short Course
  • Learn The Basics

Get On Board

3 - 5 Day Course (9 Hrs)
R 4800
  • Most Booked
  • Complete Course
  • Get on the Board

Get Riding

4 - 6 day Course (15 Hrs)
R 7600
  • Ultrimate Freedom
  • Riding Course
  • Become Confident

Get Independent

6 - 8 day Course (21 Hrs)
R 10400
  • Master Your Skills
  • Master Course
  • Become Independent
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Coastline offers kitesurfing lessons for Beginner – Advanced!

  • Our instructors speak English, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Greek and German.
  • Super-charge your learning curve with our experienced, highly motivated kitesurf instructors.
  • Our lessons are customized to suit any experience level, Beginner – Advanced.

You can learn more about our kitesurfing school here or read our most frequently asked questions.

Our kitesurfing lessons take place all over Cape Town. Use our map to see all our kitesurf locations!

By clicking on the map, you will be taken to our kitesurfing location, we teach the majority of our lessons in Blouberg, Langebaan and Muizenberg. 

Cape Town Kitesurfing Lessons

Are you someone who loves a bit of excitement? Do you enjoy extreme sports? What about kitesurfing, which is rapidly becoming the most popular sport of its kind worldwide?

Being able to harness the wind and the ocean and enjoy an exciting and invigorating ride is something that everyone can enjoy at Coastline Kitesurfing, where we have courses to cater for everyone from total beginners to experienced surfers who are looking to add to their skills.

We operate out of Cape Town, rightly regarded as the kitesurfing capital of the world and a wonderful sunny place to be. We offer a 1 day course, 2 day course, 3 day full course and even a 5 day master course for those truly looking to get into this amazing sport.

Each of our lessons are 3.5 hours long per day, we’ve carefully structured the length of our lessons to make sure you retain as much information as possible without getting mentally fatigued.

Kitesurfing school cape town
kitesurfing lessons cape town

Daily Courses and Lessons:

We offer the following lessons daily whenever the sun shines and wind blows!

  • 3.5 hour kitesurfing lessons (Pay per day)
  • 7 hour kitesurfing lessons (2 day course)
  • 10.5 hour kitesurfing lessons (3 day course)
  • 17.5 hour kitesurfing lessons (5 day course)
  • Guided downwind board riding lessons

Safety while on your kitesurfing lessons.

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport, with many important components to learn of, before you attempt anything independently.

This is why we always recommend taking kitesurfing lessons from an experienced & certified kitesurfing school.

Why? Simple, because it’s a thousand times safer. The same way you’d always take driving lessons before driving a car, well, it’s no different here. Kitesurfing requires you to learn everything step-by-step. Once you have familiarized yourself with the control system of kiting, your overall skills will improve dramatically.

Things such as confidence will naturally increase overtime. The longer you have that kite in the sky, the more confidence you’ll gain! By taking kitesurfing lessons you’ll not only ensure your safety by 1000x, you’ll also ensure the safety of other beach goers too. We don’t employ the most experienced kitesurf instructors for no reason. They are there to guide you through the whole process of learning to become a kite surfer.

If you are interested in educating yourself more on the theory of kitesurfing before you take your lessons, Progression is a good place to start!

Kitesurfing lessons

Our Kitesurfing Instructors

kitesurfing lessons cape town

We only employ experienced IKO level 2, IKO level 2 senior & IKO level 3 instructors.

Our students range from CEO’s of business valuation companies, to digital nomads traveling the West Coast of Africa. For this reason we employ not only the most experienced IKO instructors onto our team, but also the most motivated kitesurfing instructors, able to identify with students from all walks of life.

When it comes to the quality of our kitesurfing lessons, we make sure all of our instructors are 100% motivated. We have found that the motivation of an instructor directly affects the learning curve of our students. For us the motivation of our students while on their lessons is top priority! Therefore,

Coastline implements scientifically proven, morale boosting activities into the monthly schedule for the Coastline team. You can be assured, that while completing your course with a Coastline instructor, they will not only give you their top winning performance, they will even ensure that you are up and riding by the end of your course!

Why kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town?

Many who have travelled to Cape Town will tell you about how it feels being bitten by the Cape Town travel bug.

But why? Well, where else in the world can you go hiking up one of the world’s most iconic mountains and 3 hours later refresh yourself by kitesurfing with Southern Right Whales? Following? It’s simple, Cape Town, South Africa is one of Africa’s most diverse adventure cities. 1 hour you are in the bustling city of Cape Town, the next hour you are touching noses with an African giraffe. Also we have EPIC kitesurfing locations, like you couldn’t imagine. Please note* All kite locations look way more incredible in real life. Contact me directly at kbrowning100@gmail.com if you’re interested in more information, on any other particular spots. Take a look at some of our popular kitesurf locations.

The famous wind in Cape Town.

In the summer months of November – April, when the sun pumps it’s solar energy across Southern Africa, a trade wind known by the locals as the Cape Doctor, rushes in from the South East. While many of the locals are usually annoyed by the appearance of this south easterly trade wind, it is the kite surfers signal to grab their gear and head to the nearest beach! If you are interested in learning more on kitesurfing, Wikipedia , Virgin, Red Bull or our kitesurfing blog are great resources!

getting IKO kitesurfing certified

Getting Certified after your kitesurfing lessons.  

After completing any of our kitesurfing lessons, you will receive a unique IKO certification card. This card is paramount to your progression in the sport. IKO (International Kitesurfing Organization) is the largest kitesurfing body in the world, and their certifications are recognized worldwide.  

With this certification card, you can rent kitesurfing gear all over the world. The card acts as a sort of license which shows your kiting level on the back. You will cover the following on your first kitesurfing lesson, the level is referenced as: Level 1A – 1E  

Level 1A S.E.A. (Spot, Environment, Activity) Assessment Holding, Carrying and Securing a Kite on Land Kite Set Up.

Level 1B Safety Systems Use Pre-Flight Check.

Level 1C Launching and Landing as an Assistant First Piloting and Explore the Wind Window’s Edge Let Go of the Bar Twist and Untwist the Lines.

Level 1D Flying One-Handed Trim Discovery Walking While Flying the Kite Launching and Landing as a Pilot Wind Window Theory.

Level 1E In flight Quick Release Activation Self-Landing Equipment Packing   If you’d like to read more information on the levelling system, you can simply click this link: IKO Kitesurfing Courses.