The beginning

Our journey begins in 2016

Kyle began kite instructing in 2012, traveling all over the world to teach people this wonderful sport. One thing he found on his travels was that many people who had tried their hand at kitesurfing gave up shortly after finishing their kitesurfing lessons. 

After encountering the same issue, again and again, it struck him. Why not start a kitesurfing school that really cares about each and every student. A school that will make it their personal mission to help transform peoples lives by teaching them the skills needed to kitesurf with confidence.

Thus Coastline Kitesurfing was born, a kite school which strives to offer you the most authentic kitesurfing lessons in Africa!

Reaching people all around the world

Coastline teaches 1000's of students

Word spreads and within 3 summer seasons, Coastline has grown into one of the most popular kitesurfing schools in South Africa.

People all around the world from South Korea to the United States are getting in touch to book a kitesurfing lesson Coastline. 

A lot of this growth can be attributed to the fact that each one of our students are treated with respect, with their best interests in mind, where we build a solid connection, focusing on helping them achieve their kitesurfing goals, no matter what it takes.

Making people happy

Students Feedback

“Highly recommended, super staff, top equipment, I had a lot of fun! The instructors are super helpful and Laurent is always monitoring the conditions. So be ready when the wind comes up. All in all top experience and top communication.” – Franz Privat

“Such an awesome experience 😁! I highly recommend Coastline Kitesurfing and can’t wait to come back and try out some more advanced courses. Big thank you to Jack and Laurent for being so friendly and patient and getting me out there. Extremely happy with how I progressed 🤙🏻 Thank you, thank you!! 🙏🏻 You guys are awesome!!” – Talon Oldacre

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