Introducing a Kitesurfing School in Peru, Paracas

To all our students and blog readers who plan on traveling to South America some time soon, this article is for you! Coastline Kitesurfing has had the joy of working closely with Kangaroo Kite from Peru, and we would like to introduce them to you. They are an IKO certified kite school offering kitesurfing lessons […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Kitesurfing In 2020

It’s about time you learn kitesurfing! Everyone should learn kitesurfing – and we are going to tell you why. Here are 12 really good reasons why you need to take kitesurfing lessons in 2020! Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you would like to learn more, please read our affiliate disclaimer. 1. It’s Healthy  Kitesurfing is […]

Check Out This Newly Launched Wildlife and Sustainable travel blog

Who are Softback Travel? Softback Travel is a newly launched wildlife conservation and sustainable travel blog. They write about sensitive scientific topics such as climate change, wildlife conservation, and ocean/atmosphere science. Topics that are scientifically fascinating yet sadly, scientifically boring too. Softback Travel aims to captivate their audience in a interactive, minimalistic way, to cut […]

Kiteboarding For Beginners – The Complete Guide

Kiteboarding For Beginners – The Complete Guide To Getting Started. This guide will allow kiteboarding, for beginners to be much easier understood. I will share with you all the tips and information I’ve picked up over the years of teaching kiteboarding. I’ve  broken the guide up into simple sections, with each section covering a certain […]

KiteCloud – The Social Network for Kitesurfers

You always read the same stuff on Facebook groups and boards: “I am going to kitesurf in Cape Town next week – Who wants to join?”, “Anybody know, if there is good wind today at the beach?”, “Anybody found my board this afternoon?” or “Who wants to join me for a down-winder and some beer […]

How to make the most out of your kitesurfing lessons

How to make the most out of your kitesurfing lessons Get the most benefit out of your first kitesurfing lessons by documenting the experience so that you can learn even when you’re not out on the waves.   People have many different learning styles, and we’ve found that those who gain confidence most quickly are […]

8 Most Commonly Asked Kitesurfing Questions Answered

Top 8 Kitesurfing questions asked & answered If you are currently reading this and deciding whether to take up the art, which is kitesurfing. You probably have a lot of questions! I know I did when getting started. Questions such as: Am I strong enough to  kitesurf? How long will it take me to learn? […]

Kitesurfing Equipment – Guide For Beginners.

Choosing the right kitesurfing equipment for beginners. How do you accurately choose the correct size board and kite for your kitesurfing session? To begin with, you have to choose the correct size board and kite that fits your weight, height and experience level. Kitesurfing is an exhilarating sport, but you need to respect some basic […]

Introducing our new IKO leveling system

Have you taken kitesurfing lessons with us in Cape Town & Langebaan before? Coastline Kitesurfing would like to introduce our new IKO leveling system. When you’ve completed your kitesurfing lessons with us you will receive your IKO certification card. This certification card is internationally recognized  and allows you to rent gear at IKO recognized kite […]

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS – Kitesurfing Gear

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS – Kitesurfing Gear in Cape Town (Valid from 20th November – 20th February) We have something special for all those reading this. We are selling our second hand kites for amazing prices. GET SHOPPING. 2017 North NEO 9m + Bar: R13 500 AVAILABLE   2017 North MONO 12m + Bar: R15 000 AVAILABLE  […]