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Who are Softback Travel?

Softback Travel is a newly launched wildlife conservation and sustainable travel blog. They write about sensitive scientific topics such as climate change, wildlife conservation, and ocean/atmosphere science. Topics that are scientifically fascinating yet sadly, scientifically boring too. Softback Travel aims to captivate their audience in a interactive, minimalistic way, to cut out the jargon from their articles so that everyone without a Phd can understand them. That’s most of us folks.

Why are we promoting Softback Travel?

Our world needs us, it needs us to educate ourselves on subjects like climate change, overpopulation, wildlife conservation and human rights. Our world needs us now more than ever.

This is why we are promoting Softback Travel, to share topics like these to people from all around the world. To educate you and ourselves at the same time.

Here is a short excerpt from one of their latest articles – Climate change the lethal effects on animals

“The distribution of animals is also affected. Warming global temperatures force all sorts of animals to migrate closer towards the poles or to higher altitudes. They do this out of desperation, to escape the heat.

While at first this doesn’t sound too bad. You’ve got to imagine the very serious dilemma migrating animals will face when encountering man made obstacles on their journey to cooler climes. History has proven that animals do not fare well when sharing human occupied space. Modern infrastructure will simply not allow it.

The below map shows the migration routes desperate animals will be forced to take in order to find cooler climates.”

migration map animals escaping climate change - united states of america

The more people who educate themselves on matters like climate change and ocean acidification, the better. After all, all life on earth depends on people like you, not being indifferent to the real life struggles many of us will soon have to go through.

Are you a blogger?

If you are a blog owner yourself and would like to write for Softback Travel or better yet, let them write for you, you can contact either Kyle or Leoni on

Check out their 2 latest articles:

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