Introducing our new IKO leveling system

Have you taken kitesurfing lessons with us in Cape Town & Langebaan before?

Coastline Kitesurfing would like to introduce our new IKO leveling system.

When you’ve completed your kitesurfing lessons with us you will receive your IKO certification card. This certification card is internationally recognized  and allows you to rent gear at IKO recognized kite schools around the world!

On the back of your card you’ll notice different leveling systems which doesn’t make much sense on its own. However we’ve made this blog to help you understand what each level signifies.

Please use the chart below, to get a deeper understanding of what your cards level means.



kitesurfing lessons Cape Town & Langebaan

Level 1A
S.E.A. (Spot, Environment, Activity) Assessment
Holding, Carrying and Securing a Kite on Land
Kite Set Up
Level 1B
Safety Systems Use
Pre-Flight Check
Level 1C
Launching and Landing as an Assistant
First Piloting and Explore the Wind Window’s Edge
Let Go of the Bar
Twist and Untwist the Lines
Level 1D
Flying One-Handed
Trim Discovery
Walking While Flying the Kite
Launching and Landing as a Pilot
Wind Window Theory
Level 1E
In flight Quick Release Activation
Equipment Packing
Level 2F
Enter and Exit the Water While Controlling the Kite
Water Relaunch
Level 2G
Side Body-drag with 2 Hands
Body-drag with Power Stroke on Both Sides
Level 2H
Body-drag Upwind
Body-drag with the Board
Self-Rescue and Pack Down Discovery
Level 2L
R.O.W. Rules Introduction
Level 3J
Controlled Stop
Control of Riding Speed by Edging
 Level 3K
Riding Upwind
 Level 3L
Sliding Transitions
 Level 3M
Toe-Side Riding
Toe-Side Turn
Level 3N
Self-Launching Self-Rescue
Pack Down in Deep Water


I hope this allows you to better understand what your IKO card means.

A quick word by the  IKO organization.

Learn, Progress and Teach Kitesurfing.

“Kitesurfing is a young extreme sport; with over 16 years of research, feedback, testing and development we have created a full circle program in multiple languages to quickly and safely teach new kitesurfers, instructors and instructor trainers to safely develop the sport. We have set the standard and teamed up with schools internationally to deliver this service and progression at a global scale. Learn, progress and teach kitesurfing with IKO to become internationally recognized for your skills and services.”
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