10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Kitesurfing In 2020

It’s about time you learn kitesurfing!

Everyone should learn kitesurfing – and we are going to tell you why.

Here are 12 really good reasons why you need to take kitesurfing lessons in 2020!

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1. It’s Healthy 

Learn Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is super healthy on many levels, as you will be physically active while breathing in the freshest air you can possibly imagine. 

There are a number of kitesurfing health benefits: Building up strength in your abdominal area will obviously have it’s effects on your general shape – kitesurfing will make you fit and tone your body. Focusing on several tasks simultaneously will increase your concentration and coordination, while riding the board improves your balance at the same time. The navigation of the board, bar, and kite, as well as performing sometimes difficult jumps will benefit your reflexes and adaptability.

And on top of all of that, the adrenaline rushes you get from kitesurfing are the perfect stress relief and will benefit your mental health. 


2. You’ll Travel To Beautiful Destinations

Learn Kitesurfing and Travel The World

Travel enthusiasts, pay attention: Some of the world’s most beautiful destinations are great kite spots at the same time! Turquoise lagoons, white sandy stretches, breathtaking sceneries and the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine are waiting for you. 

If you decide to chase the wind and travel with the seasons, you can even combine your kite trip with your work (if ‘home office’ is an option). Alternatively, working as a kitesurfing instructor will allow you to explore our planet’s most stunning corners, all while earning money with kitesurfing. 

I know, that’s planned pretty far ahead, given the fact that this is a list of reasons why you should learn kitesurfing in the first place. But hey, dream big and be aware of the opportunities that kitesurfing has to offer. And for now, start with a few kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town or wherever else you are currently based. It will be worth it. 


3. You’ll Soak Up The Sun

Kitesurfing Beach Days

Kitesurfers pretty much spend their whole day on the beach. Could be worse, don’t you think?

Being out on the water allows you to soak up the sun (at least most of the times) and get a good portion of vitamin D (or *ahem* vitamin sea). By the way, studies have shown that the sunshine vitamin can boost weight loss, fights disease, and reduces depression. Definitely good reasons to learn kitesurfing. 

Just always make sure you are equipped with sun protection. Especially on the water, you can get burned easily. One of our all-time favorites is the organic and reef-safe sunscreen from Raw Elements. You can check it out here.


4. You Get To Experience Nature At Its Best

Learn Kitesurfing and enjoy nature

Unlike indoor sports, kitesurfing allows you to enjoy nature at its best. Depending on where you are, you will be able to share the water with whales, dolphins, seals and all other kinds of aquatic flora and fauna.  

Kitesurfing reminds you of the beauty nature holds and fosters your respect for the environment. 


5. It’s The Best Meditation

Kitesurfing Meditation

Just you, your kite and windy stillness in a breathtakingly beautiful scenery. 

Kitesurfing requires full focus and empties your mind of anything, but the present moment.

There is no better activity to get away from daily stress and city life. After a session, you will be exhausted (but the good kind) and your body and mind completely relaxed. Kitesurfing is your guarantee to find the perfect work-life balance.


6. It’s A New Challenge

Kitesurfing is a new challenge

Kitesurfing allows you to challenge yourself and give your body the adrenaline rushes it needs!

With every time you get on the water, you will become more confident, which will make you want to try out something new. 


7. You’ll Make New Friends

Learn Kitesurfing and make new friends

The kitesurfing community is large, spread across continents and pretty awesome. 

By learning how to kitesurf you will automatically become part of a global network, which makes it much easier to connect with like-minded people worldwide.

Whether you are looking for the perfect kite spot while traveling or just hanging out in your hostel or on the beach – sooner or later you will meet fellow kitesurfers – and probably make some new friends.

Pro Tip: Check out KiteCloud – The Social Network for Kitesurfers.


8. The Sky Is (Not) The Limit

Get High With Coastline Kitesurfing

Probably one of the best reasons why you should get into kitesurfing: You will learn how to fly! 

Nothing beats the feeling of endless freedom and joy, the connection with nature and the pleasant ease of getting high on your board.

And there is so much to try out and explore. One of the benefits of this sport is that there are countless possibilities and it never gets boring.

Plus, it is less dangerous than you might think. Throughout the past few years, the sport has become a lot safer than it used to be, thanks to the development of new safety systems.


9. It’s Less Expensive Than You Think

Kitesurfing Equipment

Yes, kitesurfing lessons and kitesurfing equipment are an investment in the beginning. But once you know how to kitesurf and have your gear, it’s basically for free!

Unlike most winter sports that require you to buy a day pass, or club sports where you pay a monthly fee, kitesurfing allows you to just rock up and ride the waves – anywhere in the world.   


10. Anyone Can Learn It

Anyone can learn kitesurfing

Kitesurfing might look like a really complicated activity for crazy fit superhumans, but that’s not true. Almost everyone who is really keen to get into the sport can do it! You don’t need extraordinary strength to control the kite; you just have to steer it with your hands. 

Coastline Kitesurfing has taught students of all ages, weights and fitness levels – why should’t you be able to learn how to kitesurf, too? 


Are you ready to learn kitesurfing? Come learn how to fly with Coastline Kitesurfing!

Can you add more reasons why everyone should learn kitesurfing to this list? Let us know in the comment section below!


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