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KiteCloud – The Social Network for Kitesurfers

Coastline Kitesurfing students

You always read the same stuff on Facebook groups and boards: “I am going to kitesurf in Cape Town next week – Who wants to join?”, “Anybody know, if there is good wind today at the beach?”, “Anybody found my board this afternoon?” or “Who wants to join me for a down-winder and some beer after that?”. You know these situations? Wouldn’t it be nice, if there was a platform, where you can communicate with other kitesurf-dudes & chicks?

Well, from today there is! The new Social Network for Kitesurfers named Kitecloud. It helps in all the situations mentioned above and even more.

Kitecloud – The Social Network for Kitesurfers

The idea behind this app is to give kitesurfers the opportunity to connect and communicate with other like-minded people. The app is divided into hundreds of different spots. Cape Town, Dakhla, El Gouna. are waiting for you! Just pick your home or favorite spots and you’re part of the community.

Features Overview


The live spot communication feature is the heart of Kitecloud. It has never been so easy to connect and communicate with other kitesurfers. In the app, you simply search for your favorite spots, mark them as your favorite and from that moment you are part of the community. You can share your questions, tips, pictures or quick reports. Or just browse the news and pictures.

Spot-Reports On The Fly

No forecast and no webcam is as reliable as this report. Who can give you the most accurate information about the wind, wave & weather? You guessed it: The kitesurfers themselves, who are currently on the spot in real time. Anyone can report the current conditions directly on the spot in the app to help other kitesurfers.

Worldwide Network Of Spots

More than hundreds of kite spots are available in the app. To find a kitespot easily, you can simply use the map. You can enter the spot you are looking for or search for it directly on the map. Your spot is not available? No problem, just enter a new spot.


In the app, kitesurfers can connect to each other around the world. For this reason, the app is available in German, English and Russian. More languages will follow soon. Someone writes Spanish in a chat and you don’t understand the language? No problem, you can simply translate messages into your own language.

Push Notifications

You don’t want to miss anything? Then activate the push notifications in your favorite spots. So you get the latest news when you need it most.

Do you like this idea? Then support the inventors and download the app in the App Store or Play Store and use it on your next kite trip.

Do you have any suggestions? Or constructive feedback? Then join the Facebook group “Kitecloud Community” and share your thoughts.

(This post is sponsored by KiteCloud)
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