Nothing beats the thrill of kitesurfing in Cape Town

Kitesurfing in Cape Town

Are you someone who loves a bit of excitement? Do you enjoy extreme sports?

What about kite surfing, which is rapidly becoming the most popular sport of its kind worldwide? Being able to harness the wind and the ocean and enjoy an exciting and invigorating ride is something that everyone can enjoy at Coastline Kite Surfing, where we have courses to cater for everyone from total beginners to experienced surfers who are looking to add to their skills. We operate out of Cape Town, rightly regarded as the kite surfing capital of the world and a wonderful place to be.

Coastline Kite Surfing has become established as the leading kite surfing school in Cape Town, and we offer a range of courses for individuals or groups, so you and a bunch of friends can learn together. We take you through everything from the basics – the equipment, safety rules, what you need to remember – to the more advanced skills of understanding the way the wind and the ocean need to be handled, and you will enjoy time on the water that will be as exciting as anything you have every experienced, thanks to our team of professional, fully qualified instructors.

Whether you are visiting Cape Town and looking for activities or you wish to build a holiday around a kite surfing course we are the people you need to talk to, and our courses also make a great gift for an excitement-seeking friend or loved one. Also, part of your fee goes towards ‘Roots’, an educational scheme that informs children of the importance of preserving the beaches and the coasts for future generations, so you will be helping keep the beaches alive. Coastline Kite Surfing is the name you need to remember, so why not get in touch right now and book a course with us.

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