Kelp Forest

5 Water Adventures For Your Cape Town Bucket List

Kitesurfing in Cape Town is one of those things that you just have to try while staying in the Mother City – it’s the world’s kitesurfing capital, after all!

But even here, there are days where the wind just won’t show up. Now, before you take off your wetsuit and go home to watch Netflix instead, wait a minute. South Africa offers a variety of exciting activities on and underwater that you can turn into lifelong memories.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 5 watersports and fun adventures that every Cape Town traveller and local should try. Let’s dive right in!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding With Seals

There are many watersports shops along the coast where you can rent a foam paddle board or inflatable SUP for a day. If you are a complete beginner, you may want to take a SUP lesson or two, but in calm waters it won’t take you long to learn the basics by yourself. Whether you are lying, kneeling or standing on your board, there’s no better place to enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean and watch the wildlife around you do its thing. If you want to take your experience to the next level, pick a location where it’s likely to see seals, such as Big Bay Beach (Bloubergstrand) or Waterfront (Cape Town City). There is also a number of guided tours offered by different operators to choose from.

Snorkeling In The Kelp Forest

Also known as sea bamboo, you can find Kelp Forests all along the Cape Peninsula. They are one of the most productive ecosystems on earth and home to countless sea animals, including fish of all sizes, crabs, octopuses, colorful sea anemones, and many more. Snorkeling here will make you never want to get out of the water and take off your goggles again!

Surfing Some Waves

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the ultimate classic of watersports – surfing. Since Cape Town is one of the world’s best surf locations, it would be a waste not to give it shot. Whether you have never touched a surfboard before or are a pro looking for the next challenge, Cape Town has got you covered. Some of the best surfing locations here include Muizenberg beach, Big Bay beach, Llandudno, Dungeons, and Glen Beach.

Wakeboarding At Blue Rock

Blue Rock Cape Town

You are planning a day with family and friends but can’t decide what to do? Spend some time in watersports paradise! Blue Rock offers a variety of activities for everyone. The adrenaline junkies can practice their waterskiing and rock jumping skills, while everyone who wants to relax has enough space to suntan, have a picknick and swim in the freshwater lake. You can even dive or freedive there!

Sunset Champagne Cruise

There’s no better way to end a day than to sail into the sunset with an ice-cold glass of champagne in your hands. I mean, come on.

There are several different operators offering such tours at the V&A Waterfront. Check it out!

We hope that this list has inspired you to spend a day or two in, under and on Cape Town’s oceans. And as soon as the wind is back, get in touch and kitesurf with us!