Terms & Conditions


I wish to participate in lessons with COASTLINE KITESURFING, and agree to abide by their rules and safety regulations as advertised and communicated to me from time to time.

I am fully aware that kiteboarding is dangerous by its nature and I therefore agree to take all care to avoid injury to all persons, including the general public and myself, and all property within, near or related to the related beach, before during and after my participation in the lessons. I also agree that I will be liable for any loss, theft or damage of COASTLINE KITESURFING equipment and will reimburse them according to the accepted damages rates as set out by COASTLINE KITESURFING.

COASTLINE KITESURFING, the director Kyle Browning, all freelance and permanent employees, shall have no liability for any injury, illness, death, loss, or damage whatsoever, or any consequential damages whatsoever and howsoever arising. I also agree to hold harmless, defend, indemnify and waive all rights of recourse against COASTLINE KITESURFING, the director , all freelance and permanent employees from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities or causes of action whatsoever whether caused by negligence, gross negligence or any legal fault whatsoever.



If you have to cancel, please do so 24 hours in advance prior to your scheduled session. We carefully plan our lessons, this requires a lot of time. Cancellations made after that time will result in a R350 cancellation fee.  In the event that you cancel your session on the lesson day itself, you will be charged the entire cost of your scheduled lesson.


If your session must be rescheduled due to weather conditions or due to your personal schedule, your credit will be applied to your next scheduled session. If you are unable to use your remaining sessions credit due to your personal schedule, your remaining credit can be issued MINUS a 50% refund fee. Credit from unused lessons are redeemable for up to one year from date of purchase.


When lessons take place in Langebaan, we kindly ask for a R100 fee, this is used to reimburse our instructors due to the extra hours they put into Langebaan lessons and to make up for the extra cost made on these days.


We accept the following 4 methods of payment.

Cash (ZAR or Dollar)

Credit Card (+2.95% Maestro/Visa fees)

PayPal (+2.90% PayPal fees)

EFT (Electronic Bank Transfer)


Tel: +27 (0) 82550076

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