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  • Pay Per Day (3 Hours per day)

    • R416 Per Hour
    • Pay As You Progress
    • Learn In Your Own Time
    • Convenient For The Spontaneous One!
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  • 2 Day Kitesurfing Course

    • Control That Kite!
    • Short Course
    • Learn The Basics
    • After This Course You Feel - 67% Comfortable
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  • 5 Day Kitesurfing Course

    • Feel The Wind In Your Hair!
    • Master Course
    • For Kite Enthusiasts
    • After this course you feel - 98% comfortable
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  • Power Kite Course (1 Hour)

    • Fun Beach Activity
    • Suitable For All Ages
    • Harness the power of Nature
    • After this course - You Want More!
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